The Bird


Le Canari Skincare is proud to be pregnancy inclusive, and the Bird is our way of showing love.

For those who are pregnant or considering an addition to their family, look for products displaying The Bird. You can find the Bird in each product description when shopping online. The Bird is also displayed on the back of your product bottle.

While none of our products contain parabens, sulfates, or phthalates, The Bird will guide you to skincare products that are also free of the following ingredients:

- NO Retinoids or Retinols

- NO Hydroquinone

- NO Arbutin

- NO Salicylic Acid

- NO Benzoyl Peroxide

Knowledge is power, so please know The Bird is not a replacement for medical advice. Le Canari Skincare encourages you to always consult your doctor or healthcare provider before trying a new product.